Your 1-month Bangkok trip budget will vary based on the kind of traveler you are. On average, tourists will spend about 23,200 to 31,900 baht for one month. Planning your trip beforehand requires a lot of effort and focus since there are so many different aspects of it you should take into account. Apart from having a general itinerary for the trip and a list of all the places you wish to visit, the budget of the whole traveling experience is also something you should have in mind beforehand. Proper planning according to your budget is vital if you wish to spend a wonderful time in Thailand without experiencing unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

A 1-month trip to Bangkok in Thailand requires proper estimation of an average budget you'll daily waste to cover needs, such as transportation, accommodation, food, and activities. As you may well understand, no one wants a trip to be totally dictated by money. The basic idea is to keep your budget loose without going crazy and possibly to rethink a bit the itinerary to best suit your needs if an unexpected situation occurs. Of course, the total amount of money you are gonna spend daily depends a lot on the number of people traveling together. We will take a closer look at the budget you are going to need if you wish to travel to Bangkok alone, but we will also talk a bit about the budget you are gonna need if you travel to Thailand with a partner, friend, or family member as well.

Accommodation expenses

Thailand is generally considered an affordable place to live and it offers visitors a variety of hotels and renting rooms that will satisfy every budget. You don't need to stay at a luxurious hotel that will cost you more than the necessary amount of money. Besides, you will wish to spend most of your day exploring the city of Bangkok or taking some day trips to neighboring cities, not staying at your hotel. You can save a lot of money by avoiding the large hotel chains and staying in small, local, and independently owned places.

You can easily find guesthouses in Thailand that you can rent for even 320 baht for a night. Double rooms with an air-conditioning system typically range between 200-300 baht. Hotel-like rooms with more facilities can cost you a bit more, like 800-1000 baht ( per night, and there are also the more luxurious hotels where the average cost rises to 2000 baht per night. That is actually about $66 per night. However, as mentioned before, we advise you to go for a medium solution that will cost you about 300-500 baht every day. Therefore, for a 1-month duration, you will have to pay a total amount of about 9000-15000 baht for accomodation. That's $285- $474.

Most of the popular search engines, including Booking, Agoda, and Hostelworld offer a variety of accommodation options in Bangkok, Thailand. Since you are gonna spend a whole month in the city, you should try to get a better price for the room you are going to rent by having a conversation with the owner. You should also know that the prices mentioned above usually include breakfast. Another important thing to have in mind is that when you get prices for places to stay, don't use Airbnb, it's now illegal in Thailand.

Food expenses

Thai food is known around the world for its unique taste and spicy options. People who pay a visit to Thailand typically wish to try out as much local food as possible. Saving money from food is not an option! However, you shouldn't really worry about having to spend a large amount of money on food consumption since food in Thailand cost a lot less than other neighboring countries. Moreover, there are so many different restaurants and street food stands that you'll find no difficulty in keeping an eye on your food budget.

Typically, the cost for a meal in an average restaurant in Bangkok will not be more than a couple of dollars. Food courts in Bangkok are the perfect places for your everyday meals. Whether they are placed in local markets in the neighborhoods of the city or in the various shopping malls, you can consume a sufficient amount of tasty food for as low as 30 baht (about USD $1) per person. You can add another 20 baht for a drink. However, visitors usually pay about 120 baht for a meal; that includes approximately 3 dishes and a soft drink which you can share with a friend. That can add up to 100-120 baht per meal for two people. If you eat two meals every day then the total cost will be about 100 baht per day, which means you’ll be spending roughly 3,000 baht for food for a whole month. That's about USD $94.

I’m sure you’ll also want to visit a few nicer restaurants here and there. The average low-cost price in these restaurants is about 250 baht (about USD $8) for a single person and it can reach up to 450 baht in more luxurious restaurants. The amount of money you are going to spend for your main meals every day can vary a lot. If you opt for the food courts and the food stalls for your everyday meals, with the exception of weekends, then the average amount of money you are going to spend is roughly 4,500 baht. About USD $142.

Transportation expenses

Transportation is quite affordable in Thailand. The total amount of money you are going to pay for transportation depends a lot on the means you are going to choose.

The most popular means of transport in Bangkok is the bus. A typical ticket for a long route with a 3rd class bus will cost you about 253 THB (USD $8). The expenses of moving around the city of Bangkok with a bus are a lot cheaper. The fares range between 6-20 THB (USD $0.20-0.66) depending on the route and the type of bus.

There is also the option of motorcycle taxis for short distances around the city that will cost you around 10-20 baht per ride. You can discover more of the beauty of Thailand when you walk around the city so you don’t need to worry much about the total amount of your travel expenses.

If you want to know more information read the complete Bangkok transportation guide.

Activities and sightseeing

When you visit Thailand, even if you stay in Bangkok, there are some places you definitely have to visit during your trip. The Grande Palace in Bangkok is 250 baht. The Bangkok snake farm and show ticket costs 200 baht. A Thai massage will be around 200 baht depending on the location. Checkout TripAdvisor's 15 things to do in Bangkok.

You should also keep in mind that many monuments and temples in Thailand are free for visitors. The best thing you should do is plan beforehand which attractions seem more tempting to you and calculate the final cost you are going to pay for the majority of your preferred sightseeing. Any added expenses will be quite affordable, so rest assured you will not overburden your initial budget.

If you are interested in going to nightclubs, you should know that an average club will make you pay at least 200 baht (USD $6.60) for a domestic beer and up to 350 baht for a cocktail. A good alternative is to share a bottle of spirits with your table, but that’s if you have a circle of friends with you. If you pay a visit to a nightclub (e.g. 4 times during your monthly trip), you will have an extra cost of about 1000 baht.

Bangkok is considered by many a shopping paradise, therefore, you will definitely wish to spend some time shopping for some souvenirs or personal items at any of the malls in the city. Prepare to spend some extra money, usually about 300-1500 baht, for shopping as well.


A visit to the picturesque city of Bangkok will definitely be a unique experience, whether you wish to visit it alone or with some good company. Planning your trip beforehand is essential to avoid any unnecessary expenses and to stay within your initial budget. Although the total amount of money you are gonna spend on a one month trip to the city varies a lot and depends on many factors, you can easily split down your expenses to 4 main categories: accommodation, food, transportation, and activities.

Each category includes the traditional expenses, as well as any added ones that will present themselves during your holiday period. For example, you may visit the city at a time when a special festivity takes place. You may wish to take part in this activity that you hadn't planned beforehand. However, having a general idea of the typical expenses you are going to make during your trip is vital. As mentioned before, Thailand is not an expensive country. You can spend a month participating in various activities and tasting new things affordably.

To sum up, if you are planning to visit Bangkok soon, you can plan to budget between 800-1100 baht daily. That is about $25-$35 USD per day for a single person. What will you get with that amount of money? You have a place to sleep in, food from the street stalls or the courts, local transportation, a few trips around neighboring cities, like Pattaya or Kanchanaburi, and a bit of night life, as well. If you can afford something more, like $50 a day, you will have access to more luxurious accommodation, better food options, a bit of drinking and more daily trips around the country.

Even if you have the budget to spend more money daily, we advise you to spend them on activities or trips around the city. Renting a more luxurious room and eating only gourmet food is not going to add anything memorable to the whole trip. Having that in mind, keep that extra money in case you discover something you’d like to splurge yourself with.