Bangkok is a beautiful city in Thailand with many visitors across the globe. Being in this city, you should not get bored. There are incredible cinema halls that are very comfortable where you can go and enjoy your favorite kind of movie.

Here in Bangkok Thailand, you don’t need to dig deeper into your pockets. Most new movie releases cost just 120 baht (about USD $4). You will also be able to select a seat and reserve it for yourself.

Before going to watch the movie, you should first find the cinema theater that is ideal for you and showing the genre of movie that you love. This will help reduce possible frustration as every cinema hall will show a different genre of movie. Almost all cinema halls in Thailand are Multiplex with various screens to watch from. Finding the cinema hall with a good movie isn’t hard. All this information can be found on their websites.

Watching movies is fun when you have something to eat. Majority of theaters in Bangkok sell affordable snacks. You will find either caramel, cheese or salted popcorns which taste different from western popcorn. You will get this at around 45 baht (about USD $1.50) and soft drinks for only 30 baht (about USD $1). This will keep you occupied throughout when watching.

One interesting thing you will observe in all Bangkok theater is, a King’s song is played before the movie starts and everybody is expected to stand. A national anthem is then played. The King’s song is played for the respect of the King and the national anthem for the respect of the country.