Does your iPhone battery not even last 5 hours of normal usage? According to Apple, it takes up to 500 charging cycles for an iPhone battery performance to deteriorate. So it is quite common for an iPhone battery to deplete after 1.5 to 2 years of usage. Looking to replace your iPhone battery in Bangkok? I’ve got you covered. There are various places where you can get your iPhone battery replaced but there are very few which provides you with a genuine battery at the reasonable price. Here are the best places where you can replace your iPhone battery for a genuine one.

Icon Siam Apple Store

As Apple announced a discounted pricing of 1,000 baht (about USD $31) for genuine replacement of iPhone battery, both locals and foreigners can easily get their depleted battery replaced by visiting this official Apple Store. Although 1,000 baht seems high, you are sure you get a genuine battery with Apple warranty. This is the first Apple store in Bangkok with experienced and enthusiastic staff where you can easily get a new and genuine battery.

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Apple 1-2-3 Co. Ltd.

Here’s one of the many stores in Pantip Plaza where you could get an iPhone battery replacement at a great price. Although they are not an official Apple store, you can replace your battery for a new one with around 3 months of warranty in as less as 800 baht (about USD $25). However, don’t expect that you will get a genuine battery.

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Istudio Central Embassy by Copperwired

A classic store to get premium service for all your Apple devices, Istudio by Copperwired is where you want to head for iPhone battery replacement. Here you could get your battery replaced for around 1,000-2,000 baht (about USD $31-63) depending on your iPhone model. And you never have to worry, they offer genuine iPhone batteries with warranty.

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